Never despise risk-takers and capacity-builders. They may not show immediate results but they know the meaning of paving the foundation for the longevity and magnitude of their success when they achieved it.

Having a great vision requires great capacity to fail and to succeed.

If life is without failures, big or small ones; it has no value to life and it does not prepare you for eternity.

You may lose now but every failure and every lost fuels your passion and determination to push the boundaries.

You may not have the high-IQ to adapt to every fast change and thereby fall short of your performances, but remember; that is only a short-time fall.

With that I present to you a new definition of IQ and EQ.

IQ – Immediate Quotient which last only for NOW.

EQ- Eternal Quotient which lasts FOREVER and for many generations to come.

No one remembers if you have high-IQ and you succeeded. Everyone remembers you because you have the tenacity and EQ to achieve even the toughest things.

I hope you got inspired by this post.

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